Make data usable across platforms, customers, and file types.

Our AI-assisted data onboarding platform seamlessly plugs into your product and creates a secure, structured, and professional environment to exchange data.

How it works

  • Create a data-target model in minutes
    and build your onboarding platform
  • Invite suppliers to your
    custom-branded platform
  • Securely instruct your supplier
    to complete the data onboarding
  • Our AI algorithm automatically
    cleans and validates data
  • Constantly exchange or update
    existing data rapidly
  • Clear data overview and
    automated processes

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Collect, clean, and centralize all your suppplier data.

Use Cases

  • Data model
  • Onboard Data
  • Prepare Data
  • Update Data
  • Automated processes
Data model

Create your individual data-target model on your fully customized platform within minutes!

Most data models take weeks to be built, often require coding skills, and can't be customized and CI branded. ComDocks simplifies the process of building a data model for your supplier data with pre- build blocks, validation possibilities and an easy-to-use interface. We enable companies to offer a seamless onboarding experience at scale with our plug-and-play data collection software.
Data onboarding

Instruct your customers to supply data in the best possible format.

Often data errors are made because clients, suppliers, and customers don't get the right instructions on how and in which format they should deliver the data. This causes a lot of unnecessary communication and workload for your company.

ComDocks offers customizable instructions, workflows and bulk upload options to easily transfer data, while our AI algorithm matches, cleans and completes data entries as needed.

Validate data

To ensure error-free data and offer a seamless data collection experience, ComDocks uses intelligent matching algorithms.

It is a pain to receive incomplete and incorrect file data. 

ComDocks offers customizable instructions, workflows, and bulk upload options for your suppliers to ensure that the data is delivered in the format which is needed. Instant AI-assisted error validation prevents bad data from reaching you. The software reduces your suppliers' time to market, minimizes communication with your suppliers, and prevents you from annoying email ping pong and lengthy onboarding cycles.

Update Data

Regularly exchange and update supplier data.

To increase your sales while shortening the data transfer times, your supplier can not only provide but regularly update and change provided data on your custom-branded self-service onboarding portal.
Connect Data

Focus on efficient automation of your processes.

With ComDocks you can seamlessly collect and consolidate data from different sources into a database your team can use instantly. Save your team's time digging through different file systems and email chains, sending large CSV and Excel files around. Automate emails, inquiries, data requests, and updates to reduce the administrative workload.

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